Resources for SOAR-Trained Case Managers

For SOAR-trained case managers and social workers completing SSI&SSDI applications, this page links to some useful resources that can answer questions and provide a refresher on SOAR. Please download the guides and forms below to help your application process!

Share SOAR With Your Colleagues!

SOAR Case Manager Flyer - Use this Word document to spread your capacity to complete SOAR applications with others at your agency, and help them identify a potential SOAR client.

Local SOAR Process

Local Process Steps - This document details the order of steps to complete a SOAR application.

SOAR Application Checklist - A list of the materials included in a complete SOAR packet

Requesting Medical Records

Sample Cover Letter - When faxing medical providers to request records, customize this letter to communicate the purpose of the request and avoid fees.

Spreadsheet of Local Providers' Release of Information forms - To avoid spending time navigating hospital websites. Available in Google Sheets and Excel file.

SSA Forms

Here are example SSA forms with some question-by-question guidance.

When completing the initial SSA packet, remember: Also complete SSA-3369 and SSA-3373! If these forms are not in the initial packet, DDS will request them.

Writing the MSR

MSR Interview Guide - A good MSR starts with good information. Referencing this guide will help to gather all information that could be relevant to an MSR.

Sample MSRs - For inspiration in writing style and content of the MSR. Samples are available for clients from a variety of backgrounds. The SOAR website also offers helpful sample language for Functional Descriptions.

MSR Outline Guide - A detailed description of the kind of content to include of each section of an MSR.

MSR Sections Template - A Word document for you to use when starting the MSR.

It is always to reference SSA's Listings Blue Book to know in exact language what examiners are looking for.

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Income Calculator Tool

Download this Excel form to help you calculate how income from work and other benefits sources (such as VA benefits) effect SSI/SSDI benefit amounts. If a beneficiary is returning to work, this tool can also help them understand how this effects benefits.