Eliminating homelessness in Lake County through the provision of leadership in the areas of assessment, advocacy, and community education


Homeless Crisis System Gap Analysis

photo of coalition members watching a presentation from CSH staff

The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) released and has presented the results of their analysis of Lake County’s Homeless System. Read the full Gap Analysis of the Homeless Crisis Response in Lake County. The Coalition is looking forward to working to address these gaps in a comprehensive way.

Calling all Landlords

In the effort to connect people experiencing homelessness to housing, we need landlord partners to work with us. In many cases, there are resources to assist in rent payment. If you are interested, please register your housing resources using this simple form.

Please contact Brenda O'Connell with any questions. 

Ending Veteran Homelessness

Orange Box with Words We can Create a Futus where Homelessness is neither inevitable not inescapable, and never a way of Life.

Lake County is now among an elite group of communities throughout the nation that has officially ended veteran homelessness, based on certifications from the federal government and Built for Zero, a national nonprofit organization. In order to achieve this milestone, government and nonprofit partners worked together to develop real-time data tools to assure that veterans experiencing homelessness are quickly identified and connected to housing and services.  Learn more on the Ending Homelessness Page.