SOAR Cohort

The Lake County Coalition for the Homeless will be training groups of participants together in a guided cohort model. The cohort will be guided through the training in four weeks, and come together for a conference call weekly for extra assistance and materials. The cohort will begin on October 10th, and participants will complete the training by November 3rd. Attached, you will find a timeline for the cohort process, with cohort conference calls occurring weekly on Fridays at 11:00am.

If you are partway through SOAR training or would like to join the cohort after the starting date, you are always welcome to join conference calls.

Please provide this sign-up form link to case managers or staff members that may serve disabled individuals that experience homelessness or housing insecurity:

For any questions about the cohort, please contact Sam McDonnell, or (847) 377-7604.