Full FY18 HUD Continuum of Care Application Posted

Continuum of Care Application

The full Continuum of Care Application is posted here and will be submitted to HUD no later than Tuesday, September 18, 2018. The export function of eSNAPS, HUD’s application submission database, is not exporting all information in the database correctly. Manual adjustments have been made so that this posting reflects the answers in the database. Please report any concerns or discrepancies to Brenda O’Connell.

Project Rankings

The Project Priority Listing is re-posted now that HUD has corrected the database issue. The attached document is correct. Please contact Brenda O’Connell with any concerns.

Project Applications

All 26 project applications associated with this application are posted here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C4cqxrXbLy-bI12xPUZdXGCqJtGoPxw-?usp=sharing.

Reference Documents and More Information

  1. FY2018 Allocation Plan

  2. Ranking Memo from the Funding Work Group

  3. HUD's FY2018 CoC Notice of Funding Availability

  4. HUD CoC Regulations