SOAR To Social Security Success

This year, Lake County was selected to receive technical assistance with implementing the Social Security Income/Social Security Disability Income Outreach and Recovery (SOAR) program in the Lake County community.


What is SOAR?

SOAR is a method that case managers at the wonderful Lake County nonprofit homeless services will use to help people with disabilities that are homeless or housing insecure apply to receive disability benefits. 

Why do we need SOAR?

Receiving benefits from SSI or SSDI could make a big difference for disabled individuals without a home by providing them monthly income to meet their basic needs, including the need for housing. Without help, people experiencing homelessness have only a 16% approval rate for their initial application for Social Security. When assisted by a SOAR-trained caseworker, this approval rate is 65%. See a list of the great SOAR outcomes below:


Why does SOAR Work?

SOAR is a process that helps case managers advocate on behalf of people experiencing homelessness to communicate with the Social Security Administration and the applicant's medical providers. Without a permanent address, it is difficult for people experiencing homelessness to communicate with their SSA representative and gather required documentation from medical providers' records. SOAR improves communication with Social Security and Disability Determination services, the agencies that handle SSI/SSDI applications.

Want to learn more about SOAR?

If you're interested in using SOAR to help individuals experiencing homelessness in Lake County, please contact the local SOAR leads, Reagan Piechowski and Sam McDonnell

SOAR training is available to all online, at, in the "Online Course" section.